Orion Sales Limited

Orion Sales Limited (Orion), was incorporated as a limited liability company on February 18th, 1981. Prior to this, similar operations were carried out under Quality Sales Limited, and before that Legin Productions. In 2018, Orion Sales Limited merged with Fleetwood Jamaica Limited and was renamed Orion Manufacturing Services (OMS).

Orion manufactures hair and skin care products under a licence agreement with Revlon International, imports and distributes other finished Revlon products and carries out third-party manufacturing services for well known and newly formed local manufacturers.

In addition, the company manufactures its own line of products under the Zimii brand and is constantly growing its exports across the Eastern Caribbean.

The factory is situated in Yallahs, St. Thomas, 32 kilometres from the Head Office which is located at 77 Old Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica.

Over the years, Orion has partnered with several International and local companies such as Old Spice, Hawaiian Tropic, Pine-Sol and T. Geddies Grant and made several well known, high quality products at international standards.

Our Mission
“To provide our customers with quality, affordable manufactured goods and world class finished goods, suitable for their hair and beauty care needs, while being a relevant, socially responsible and financially successful company in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world.”  

Our Motto
Excellence in Products and Services.  

Core Values
Passionate, knowledgeable and proud in representing our company and our products. Diligent in making our company productive, efficient and profitable Innovative, relentless and uncompromising providers of quality beauty products. Efficient, accountable and prompt in servicing our customers. Respectful, friendly and willing to serve our customers and staff. Forward-thinking, creative and open minded in how we work. Honesty and integrity in what we do and how we do it.  

To continue moving the Company forward, by diligently servicing our existing customers, getting and retaining new customers, while establishing ourselves as the best Beauty Products Supplier in the industry.  

Our Commitment
To foster a “can do” culture that is displayed in the execution of the tasks we undertake, our interaction with our Customers and Staff members. To maintain an engaged, passionate but disciplined workforce, working together as a cohesive team to meet and exceed our customer's expectations, while showing respect to all our stakeholder; management, suppliers and fellow staff members, thereby ensuring long lasting and productive relationships.