Non-oily, stabilizing formula. Restores hair’s normal pH. Controls hair porosity.

Revlon Normalizing Rinse is a non-oily formula that provides a gentle conditioning action that helps to equalize the porosity in every hair strand.

It has a low pH formulation which helps to bring the hair back to its normal pH and leaves hair superbly manageable and tangle free after relaxing, tinting, toning and other hair treatments. Your hair will look and feel silky-soft and lustrous. For additional conditioning, we recommend Zimii Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner.

Both line of color Nourishes, Softens and gives Amazing shine as it colors the hair. The Liquid Crystals imbedded in the color infuse moisture, that allow for the color’s lasting effects.

Young Color Excel is excellent at correcting un-even shades.

Young Color Excel is AMMONIA FREE Each tube allows for 2 or more profitable applications Depending on the Developer used, one (1) shade of color, can have three (3) degrees of intensity.


Volume 6: (Demi colors) deposits color, it does not lift. NB. it covers greys ONLY after relaxing. Gives the hair a natural look. Maximum application time 15 minutes

Volume 10: (Demi colors). Lighten between 34 – 1 level. Color covers with an even coverage NB. Not to be used after relaxing. Maximum application time 15 minutes

Volume 15: (Demi colors) Lightens between 1 and 1 1/2 levels. Optimum coverage lasting between 4 to 6 weeks. Maximum application time 30 minutes

Volume 20: (Permanent colors) Lightens and deposits at the same time, ideal for grey coverage and bleaching the hair; can be used to bleach unprocessed hair. Application time between 35- 45 minutes

Volume 30: (Permanent colors) Gives you 3 shades of lightening Ideal for uses in bleaching unprocessed hair. Application time between 35-45 minutes


Mixing ratio 1+2 (35 ml Creme + 70m1 Energizer) Using a color key makes for a more accurate measuring Color must be applied to dry/towel blotted clean hair


Without a doubt, it gives a Longer Lasting Color!