Revlon Realistic Professional Normalizing Rinse

Brand: Orion Sales


Non-oily, stabilizing formula. Restores hair’s normal pH. Controls hair porosity.

Revlon Normalizing Rinse is a non-oily formula that provides a gentle conditioning action that helps to equalize the porosity in every hair strand.

It has a low pH formulation which helps to bring the hair back to its normal pH and leaves hair superbly manageable and tangle free after relaxing, tinting, toning and other hair treatments. Your hair will look and feel silky-soft and lustrous. For additional conditioning, we recommend Zimii Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner.

Do Not Dilute. Apply to wet hair after rinsing out Revlon Neutralizing Shampoo. Distribute evenly throughout the hair. Leave in the hair one to five minutes, then rinse. Excellent after relaxers, tints, toners and other hair treatments.

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