At 77 Old Hope Road in Kingston lies the Administrative, Sales and Distribution hub for the business. All the products made at the factory along with some imported items are warehoused and distributed from that location which is very central as it is easy to reach from the International Airport, the factory and the waterfront. Overseas visitors are but 5 minutes away if they stay at any of the main business hotels in the New Kingston business district. Orion Sales Limited continues to be proud of its rich heritage and remains licensees and distributors for international companies such as Revlon, M&M and Colomer.

Since the mid 1990’s Orion Sales Limited has been manufacturing various products for companies that do not have the manufacturing facilities in place that we have. On an annual basis, hundreds of thousands of units are made at our Yallahs factory for our customers. Our equipment is suited for most liquid or paste type products and we have a variety of manufacturing and filling devices to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Orion Sales Limited had a long relationship with T. Geddes Grant who over several decades represented many International Brands as can be seen from the relationships set out.

Boss Dishwashing Liquid was also made by Orion Sales Limited for T.G.G. for many years and speaks to the manufacturing expertise and resourcefulness of this company.

This company which was founded by Ron Rice in 1969 made a complete range of suntan lotions and with its association with T. Geddes Grant in Kingston, Jamaica there was once again a partnership. A complete line of suntan oils, lotions and burn relief products were made right here in Jamaica at our Yallahs factory. The manufacturing of this range of products was carried out for many years by Orion Sales Limited but stopped when the T. Geddes Grant distribution arrangement changed in the early 1990’s.

The company American Cyanamid manufactured this pine oil based cleaner since 1963 and once again through the association with T. Geddes Grant in Kingston, Jamaica there was another partnership and Orion Sales Limited manufactured Pine-Sol for many years. Clorox bought out American Cyanamid in 1990 and within a few years local production of this famous household cleaner came to a halt.

Orion Sales Limited under licence to the Shulton Company which was founded in 1934 by William Lightfoot Schultz in the United States manufactured for many years the Old Spice stick deodorant, the After-Shave Lotion and Cologne for men. In 1990, Procter & Gamble purchased the Old Spice fragrances and deodorants from the Shulton Company. This resulted in a halt to Old Spice manufacturing in Jamaica shortly after.